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 When I receive personal notes of thanks from my customers, it's like the biggest chorus of "Oohs" and "Aahs" a girl could ask for.

"Ok, I absolutely LOVE my necklace and the "token of appreciation" (matching earrings) was an unexpected highlight! I have my 20 year high school reunion Thanksgiving week-end! I have all the right outfits but had been unable to find the "right" necklace to match the more dressy outfit. I literally spent hours going through all of the jewelry websites on "Grechen's Closet". So, I was very pleased/relieved to have found a necklace on your website. I will have to send you photos from that weekend with me in my necklace!

Anyway, I did have some overall feedback for you: I found your packaging of the jewelry to be very impressive. The boxes the jewelry arrived in made it seem even more special and are also great storage cases for the pieces as well. I have ordered other jewelry on line and it has arrived wrapped in tissue, bubble wrap or a temporary box. All of those technically did the job, but did not impress me the way your extra touch did.

Secondly, the matching earrings astounded me! I actually work in retail (Macy's) and brought the necklace and earrings (in their cases of course!) to show all the girls at work. They too occasionally shop for jewelry online or at trunk shows. They were all very impressed and have asked for your website. I gladly obliged. The small mirror in the organza bag was a very sweet gesture as well as the handwritten thank-you card....very well thought out and great customer service. You have created a niche for yourself in what I can only imagine to be a competitive business.

It felt like my birthday once I opened the box... the surprises just kept coming!"

Frankie (Atlanta, GA)


"I just received my "Madeleine" necklace yesterday, and I couldn't be more thrilled with it. Everyone who has seen it so far has commented on how beautiful it is, and on how it really suits me. So far, I have tried it on with about 75% percent of the things in my closet and will probably even wear it with the outfits that it doesn't, strictly speaking, go with (until, of course, I am able to buy a few more pieces from you in the future that *will* go with them)."

Caroline (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)


"Colleen, I LOVE the necklace. I just got it today and I wore it out to get a sandwich, already compliments!! I know everyone I know is going to want one. I will pass the word on. Thank you very very much, it is truly lovely and I love the color of the beads! I love the clasp, everything. I forgot to mention how fabulous your packaging is...."

Cathy (Oakland, CA)


"First came the excitement of spotting this fabulous necklace online. Second was the guilty pleasure of ordering a Chanukah present for myself! Third came giddiness from opening the shipping box and finding fun and girly packaging. Fourth, and best, was opening the jewelry box and seeing my new necklace, and right away realizing how much fun wearing it was going to be. I've had it less that a week and worn it once with jeans and a cardigan, once with a black dress, and once as a bracelet after a friend pointed out to me that it would probably be terrific wrapped and tied around my wrist as well. What can't I do with this creative gem?! I have forwarded this website to my shopper-gal pals and let them all know how happy I am with my present to myself, and Colleen's present to me! Yep - I'm coming back..."

Laura (Phoenix, AZ)


"I was the winning bid on a pair of Coleena Bobeena earrings in a silent auction and I get compliments every time I wear them. My sister loved them so much that I bought her a pair for her birthday. Colleen was great about communicating about the product, and I plan to order more from her in the future!"

Cathy (NY, NY)


"I bought a three-strand pearl is so gorgeous, every detail perfect. I love wearing it and it goes with everything!"

Beth (NY, NY)


"I had earrings made for my mother for her birthday. Colleen communicated with me for a couple of weeks and the earrings turned out perfect. It is awesome being able to communicate with the designer making the jewelry for you! She does an excellent job with all of her jewelry! Thank you, Colleen."

April (Chattanooga, TN)


"Colleen! You MUST share this with the rest of the world! Guess what?! I received my absolutely AWESOME jewelry. I swear to God, it exceeded my expectations tenfold! I knew I was going to LOVE your pieces when I received them, but I had no idea of the added extras that went into making these pieces of art. You can just tell that a LOT of time and energy (and love) goes into each perfect piece that I received. Your photos are gorgeous on your website, but they do not do these pieces justice . . . if that's even possible. I just love all the teeny tiny spacers between the beads that sparkle and shine. You can't even see them in the photos, but they are that added icing on the cake. And each piece is signed! Wow. Oh! I could go on and on! You are soooooo talented. I'm very impressed. Not only impressed with the jewelry, but the added care and pretty sachets and care cards they came with! I am a very lucky girl to have such beautiful hand-crafted and one of a kind art to adorn myself in. :-) Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You are the jewelry goddess!!!

My favorite is Sheila necklace. I had no idea it would be this intricate (and oh so sparkly!) You must make a TON of these. Of course, the blue agate flower necklace is to die for. I was sitting there holding it up against the light and just admiring the delicate colors and opal reflections. Girlfriend, not a stone was left unturned when you made these. Honestly, I am so lucky to have your beautiful baubles. :-) I absolutely am 1000% happy with each and every piece. I honestly could go on and on and on..."

Shano (Camano Island, WA) Art by Shano


"Colleen's jewelry is perfect for special occasions. I bought earrings and bracelets for my bridesmaids, and they absolutely loved them. Colleen's custom, personal touch truly made the day special for my closest friends and family!"

Alisha (Nashville, TN)


"I have purchased several pieces of jewelry and I can honestly say they were "custom made" for me! I no longer buy jewelry from just anywhere when I can get beautiful, one-of-kind, hand made jewelry from ColeenaBobeena!!"

Robin (Chattanooga, TN)


"I've never been one to like what's 'in style' or what everyone else has. I like having things no one else is going to be seen with. Every piece of jewelry I have purchased from Coleena Bobeena is absolutely perfect for me. I've never seen anything like the things she creates. The creativity of each of her pieces and her desire to please her customers is absolutely incredible. In my book, her jewelry and her personality will never be equaled or surpassed."

Natalie (Chattanooga, TN)


"Colleen's jewelry is incredible! My girlfriend loved every piece I gave and I keep hearing her say how much people want her necklaces."

Chris (Atlanta, GA)


"I was wearing my Amethyst and Topaz earrings with an outfit I had purchased at an upscale boutique, one night out on the town. My girlfriend said, 'Like your outfit and LOVE the earrings!' My earrings made more of an impression than the outfit! (I thought you might like to hear your work doesn't go unnoticed and is appreciated."

Angela (Chattanooga, TN)