Meet Colleen Cohn

Colleen Cohn | Owner Coleena Bobeena Inspired Designer Jewelry

I was a single mom to a beautiful two-year-old little girl when I ended my career as a court stenographer to pursue my newly realized passion for making jewelry. It was 2001. A Christmas tree project from a DIY craft book was to be my inspiration for that year’s homemade Christmas gift. It turned out to be quite the masterpiece (if I do say so myself). Overly ambitious planning left me with a bounty of beads. So, I made a bracelet for my best girlfriend ('twas the season). And still, there were more beads. So, I made a bracelet for myself (hey, 'twas the season!).

Before I knew it, all of my friends were asking for jewelry! I was flattered. Still, these were my girlfriends and this was surely just a passing fancy. The day that the shopkeeper at the local bead shop (I had run out by this point!) asked if she could duplicate my bracelet to display on her wall, the reality of it hit me full force. So, I did what any logical, single mother would do. I ended my career as a court stenographer and started Coleena Bobeena.

Why the name “Coleena Bobeena”? Coleena Bobeena was my nickname when I was a little girl. It’s a play on the Name Game song. It’s a perfectly silly name but I felt it was a good fit for the brightly colored glass beaded jewelry I was making at the time. Also, I loved that upon first hearing the name, most people smiled or laughed.

Fast forward and today you’ll find me happily married and relocated to a quiet rural town in Ohio. Over the years the materials I use to make jewelry have evolved as well. I now incorporate crystal embellishments, gemstones, and freshwater pearls. You'll also find the surprise addition of a vintage element or the charm of a vintage craft application.

I’ve debated over the years about changing the name of my business. I wondered if perhaps I had outgrown it. It took me realizing that while my jewelry offerings are more sophisticated today, they still have a whimsy to them that speaks to the little girl in my heart. She’s my muse. I don’t think I’m ever going to outgrow her. I hope I never do. Those who understand what I mean, it’s for you that I do this. You are my tribe and I celebrate you!